Birth Fair 2017 (Langley BC)

Birth Fair 2017 (Langley BC)

February 25 - February 26, 2017

Birth Fair 2017 sponsors Buy Buy Baby are sampling Booby Boons Lactation Cookies at Birth Fair 2017!

About North Fair 2017:

This brand-new show is the first of its kind in the Fraser Valley and was created specifically for the many thousands of culturally diverse families, neighbourhoods and communities here in the Valley.

The idea behind the Birth Fair show is to bring together a unique selection of practitioners, specialists, care providers and therapists involved in the family planning and birthing process. Birth Fair will provide a showcase of the finest talent and services available in our collective communities in the Fraser Valley.

If you are planning for your first baby, or perhaps your second or even third child, Birth Fair is a must-see event that promises to help you through this often challenging and anxious time, and ensure you get the best specialized services and support, for you and your baby’s healthy future!

Who’s Birth Fair for?
New families planning or expecting their first child
Couples trying to conceive
Moms-to-be and their partners, friends and family
Moms with newborn babies or an infant child

All Ticket Proceeds go to BC Women’s Hospital Foundation! Healthy women. Healthy babies. Healthy families. This is the driving spirit behind every program, every equipment purchase and every act of care at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre.

(Your $5 contribution will help fund critical care services for newborns in BC!)

DATE: FEBRUARY 25 & 26 2017

17763 62 AVENUE, SURREY, BC V3S 4E7